Friday, November 1, 2013

A New Point of View

First, let me state the obvious:

Sometimes things happen to you that change your perspective on other things. For example, when you're acting in a play, you have a different concept of the tech process than when you're designing a play. (Ok, that was a pretty narrow metaphor. Sue me.)

In July 2012, Becca and I parted ways (not as cordially as one could have hoped) and since then, I find my perspective on things has changed. Shortly after we got married, I legally changed my name to take her last name. Since we split up, I've gone back to using "Wecker", but, technically, "Fischer" is still my legal last name. This makes things like getting a job somewhat complicated. Then remember that I'm working primarily as a freelance sound designer, so, on average, I pick up between two and three jobs a month and you see how this can be excessively complicated.

So, lately, I've been thinking about how to simplify this aspect of my life. The most straightforward option would seem to be to get an actual divorce. Straightforward, maybe, but also a complicated process. Complicated because we were married in Canada. Complicated because in the entire life of our marriage, we only lived briefly in a state that recognized our marriage. Complicated because the federal government is wishy-washy at best and a cluster-fuck at worst. Complicated because laws are often unnecessarily complicated.

The second, and potentially simpler, option would be to get a legal name change. This doesn't clear up all the confusion, but it probably takes care of enough of it to get by until such time as she or I start thinking about getting married again. (A situation that I have firmly sworn off, for now.) I haven't researched the intricacies of this process in the great state of Illinois (where I currently reside), but in Utah, you had to have been living in the state for at least a year before you could apply for a legal name change. I've only been in Chicago since August, and can only prove my residency since September. If that same one year rule is true here, then I have several months to go before I can even begin the process.

And then there's the waiting and hoop jumping and headache that begins after you have the official legal paperwork indicating that your old name is your new name again. My passport expired. It was the only thing I didn't update when I changed my name the last time. I can't renew it until this gets sorted out because I sure don't want to renew it to Fischer and then have to turn around and change it to Wecker (expensive! Unnecessarily complicated!) I'll have to get a new driver license and social security card. I'll have to contact every financial institution I've ever interacted with and update their information. Jobs. Subscriptions. All the things. Ugh.

But...perspective! The Illinois congress is seriously talking about legalizing gay marriage in the state. How awesome is that? That's awesome. As it turns out, I'm very pro gay marriage. But, where two years ago the thought of a state legalizing gay marriage just made me feel all warm and squishy for days, now my first thought is, "I wonder if that will make it easier to get a divorce."

Maybe not the response I was expecting, but there it is...